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Innovative bedding from wood fibers

Strohfelder® BRILLIANT
- Extra Fein -







Strohfelder® BRILLIANT Extra Fein bedding is made from soft and fluffy wood fibers. Due to perfectly shaped particles, their size and appealing light colour, BRILLIANT Extra Fein is the first choice bedding for farms, where aesthetics are valued the most. BRILLIANT Extra Fein bedding is soft, fluffy and dust-free. In order to reach the maximum effectiveness of its properties, light watering of bedding is recommended before the first use. Pigs do not eat Strohfelder® BRILLIANT Extra Fein bedding.

By using Strohfelder® BRILLIANT Extra Fein litter, you will avoid slippery or wet floors in your farm, which in turn will reduce the risks of pigs’ injuries. No slippery floors mean no joint injuries or other damage to your pigs. Strohfelder® BRILLIANT Extra Fein is a very popular litter because it is very easily handled and requires less effort in application and cleaning. Also, Strohfelder®BRILLIANT Extra Fein improves the heat insulation of the floor, which considerably reduces the risk of your pigs getting cold or stretching their muscles. Strohfelder®BRILLIANT Extra Fein will not cause allergies to your pigs, unlike other beddings, such as wood shavings, because there is absolutely no gum turpentine in Strohfelder® BRILLIANT Extra Fein, which could hurt the eyes of your animals and irritate their respiratory tract.

Strohfelder® BRILLIANT Extra Fein eliminates ammonia and absorbs its odour, providing greatly improved and fresh climate in your farm. Also, Strohfelder® BRILLIANT Extra Fein will save your time, because considerably less time and effort is required for spreading, cleaning or removing BRILLIANT Extra Fein compared to other old-fashioned beddings. Naturally, the amount of waste will be reduced by many times. Strohfelder® BRILLIANT Extra Fein decomposes in 6-7 months after its use. You will no longer need to rip, chop or kick your frozen bedding before its use, as BRILLIANT Extra Fein never freezes and is always ready for use. Remember, that your pigs will be healthier and happier if you give them the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of BRILLIANT Extra Fein bedding.  And even more importantly, if you change your old- fashioned bedding to Strohfelder® BRILLIANT Extra Fein, you will save not only your time, but your money as well!

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