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Innovative straw-based bedding

Strohfelder® PLATINUM

- Fein -






Strohfelder® Platinum Fein is made from 100% pure wheat straw.

It does not contain chemical or natural additives, such as perfumes, extracts, binding agents or similar. Attention! The additives mentioned above may develop allergic reactions in animals and people! Platinum Fein is virtually dust-free. All dust and smallest particles that do not meet our highest standards of product quality are removed from the litter during production and packaging stages.  All Strohfelder® beddings are heat-treated at temperatures reaching 120° C, which makes them probably the safest litters on the market. Also, possible mold, fungus, salmonella, Coli bacteria and other risk factors are eliminated from the bedding during heat treatment. Furthermore, high-temperature treatment ensures a low level of moisture in our products (~8%), resulting in better performance of Strohfelder® Platinum Fein compared to other manufacturers’ beddings with moisture levels exceeding 10% up to 14 %. Platinum Fein absorbs more than 400% of moisture compared to its own weight. Strohfelder® bedding eliminates ammonia and absorbs its odour. Platinum Fein has a neutral pH level (pH 7). 


By choosing Strohfelder® Platinum Fein as the bedding for your animals farm, you will be sure that you have minimized the potential risks and dangers related to litter; moreover, you will feel the financial gain of your right choice. The highest quality and purity of our bedding is guaranteed by Austrian precise and continuous product development and broad knowledge of litter industry.

Platinum Fein is made from selected wheat straw, which makes it a nature-friendly litter. It leaves the smallest ecological footprint compared to other bedding materials such as peat, sawdust or wood shavings. Platinum Fein is extremely soft and at the same time - dust-free. It absorbs over 400% of moisture compared to its own weight, which dramatically reduces the risks of humidity related hazards to animals. The animals’ feet will always be dry. Strohfelder® Platinum Fein will not cause allergies to animals, unlike other beddings, such as wood shavings, because it contains absolutely no gum turpentine, which could hurt the eyes of your animals and irritate their respiratory tract.


Strohfelder® Platinum Fein binds the ammonia and eliminates its odour, which greatly increases the quality of indoor air. Also, it saves your time, because considerably less time and effort are required for spreading, cleaning or removing Strohfelder® litter compared to other old-fashioned beddings. Naturally, the amount of waste will be reduced significantly. Used Platinum Fein decomposes in 2-3 months, making it a great fertilizer for the fields, orchards, meadows or as an excellent raw material for biogas plants.

You will no longer need to rip, chop or kick your frozen bedding before its use, as our premium bedding never freezes and is always ready for use.

Strohfelder® Platinum Fein will be delivered to your animals farm strictly according to your required schedule, guaranteeing that you will always receive the litter on time!

And even more importantly, if you change your old- fashioned bedding to Strohfelder®, you will save not only your time but your money as well!




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