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Innovative straw-based bedding

Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN









Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN is a totally new bedding solution which comes as a result of years of product development and innovation.

EXTRA FEIN bedding is made from 100% pure wheat straw.

EXTRA FEIN doesn’t contain any chemical additives, such as fragrances, extracts, binders or alike. Attention! All the aforementioned additives may develop allergic reactions to animals and humans.

EXTRA FEIN is completely dust-free.

Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN bedding is heat-treated at 120 °C, making it the safest bedding currently available on the market. Mold, fungus, salmonella, coli bacteria and other risk factors are eliminated from our bedding during the heat treatment.

Heat treatment of Strohfelder® bedding also ensures that its moisture content is less than 8%, meaning more actual product and less water in 1000 kg of litter, compared to other beddings with a moisture content of up to 12% or more.

Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN absorbs more than 400% of moisture compared to its own weight.

Because of unique particle structure of Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN, not only the absorption but also the evaporation of moisture from bedding is very fast, which ensures that it dries quickly and guarantees a clean and dry surface for your animals.


Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN absorbs and eliminates the smell of ammonia, which considerably improves the quality of indoor air, thus increasing the levels of animal comfort and appetite.


Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN bedding is easy and very economical to use!

You will need less bedding storage space and less working hours will be required for the handling (application, cleaning etc.) of bedding.

The used bedding is an excellent fertilizer for fields or as a structural material for biogas plants. You will not have to compost it separately, as, for example, the wood shavings.

The availability, composition, quality and other characteristics of Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN bedding are always the same, regardless of the season of the year or other useless reasons that would justify differences in quality of bedding, as you have been constantly told by your previous supplier of old-fashioned beddings.

The high quality of Strohfelder® bedding is guaranteed by Austrian precision, continuous product development and our deep know-how of the bedding industry.


Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN bedding is made exclusively from wheat straw, making it natural and animal-friendly bedding solution.

Due to its purity, Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN is also an excellent feed for cows.

Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN leaves the smallest carbon footprint compared to other beddings, such as peat or wood shavings.


Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN is very soft and dust-free bedding; its softness makes it an excellent bedding choice for the calf boxes.

Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN does not lose its absorption capacity, doesn’t stick or cling to the surface under the weight of animals.

The grain size of Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN greatly reduces the risk of animals slipping on the floor or suffering other possible injuries.

Compared to peat, wood shavings or even their mix, Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN remains much steadier on the floor in sleeping areas of animals, even on slippery glass-fiber reinforced rubber mats.

Contrary to wood shavings, Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN does not cause allergies to animals, as it does not have turpentine which may irritate the skin, respiratory tract or eyes of the animals.

Moreover, there are no splinters or sharp edges in the particles of Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN. Your animals will feel more comfortable when laying on their backs on our bedding, this way significantly extending the resting time of your animals.

The pH Value of Strohfelder® platinum is neutral (pH7). It is a very important factor because if the bedding is too acidic or too alkaline it irritates animal’s skin and may cause leg infections that are extremely difficult to cure.


Far less working time will be required for spreading and cleaning of Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN than of other old-fashioned beddings.

When using EXTRA FEIN, the amount of waste is considerably reduced and the composting time of used bedding is only 2-3 months, which makes it an excellent fertilizer for fields or perfect raw material for biogas plants.


Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN never freezes and is always ready for use.

Due to unique grain size, which makes the handling much easier, Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN is one of the most popular bedding solutions on the market.

Also, your animals will be healthier and happier when you allow them to enjoy modern bedding.

You will save time and money if you start using an innovative bedding Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN!

The use of Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN bedding reduces the risk of mastitis (up to 80%) for cows because the bedding is heat-treated and produced only from carefully selected wheat straw. No more veterinarians, no antibiotics, no need to pour the milk into a drain.

More cleanness, no slippery floors, less joint / leg injuries, no more allergies.

A softer and drier bedding, on which your cows will prosper.

Dust-free and cleaner facilities. Fresh indoor air.

A significantly longer life cycle of healthy cows.

Up to 50% lower bedding consumption, compared to old-time bedding solutions.

When used for pigs, Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN will greatly reduce their stress levels, tiredness, the number of tail chewing and other injuries, as well as give the ability to create a natural environment even in a slurry.

Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN can also be used as a supplementary rough feed for swine, improving their digestion and increasing the amount of nutrients received with traditional everyday mixed feed. The result - less stress and working hours for you, healthier pigs with a bigger appetite and greatly increased meat production.

Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN does not clog urinary wells and/or slurry systems.

Less waste, lower hills of manure, easier maintained cleanness, greatly reduced working hours and labor costs. Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN doesn’t require storage space as it can be stored outdoors* without the risk of its quality being affected *(after the weatherproof plastic package is removed from the pallet, the product must be covered by a rain cover).

Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN doesn’t freeze, there is no need to preheat, defrost or even dry the bedding before use. Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN is instantly ready for use.

Convenient 18 kg paper bags guarantee the ease of operation when the bedding is applied manually. Big-bag packaging is best for machine or semi-automated distribution.





Thoroughly clean the sleeping mats from old bedding and remove all the dirt. Spread about 250-300 g/m of Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN in the morning and 250-300 g/m  in the evening, about 250-300 g per sleeping box. Clean only dirty places from bedding every day.



* Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN remains significantly better on rubber mats            than peat or sawdust.

* Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN is ideal for machine application.

* Strohfelder® EXTRA FEIN does not clog sewage.


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