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Strohfelder® Platinum Extra Fein is a totally new bedding solution which comes as a result of years of product development and innovation.

Platinum Extra Fein bedding is made from 100% pure wheat straw.

Platinum Extra Fein doesn’t contain any chemical additives, such as fragrances, extracts, binders or alike. Attention! All the aforementioned additives may develop allergic reactions to animals and humans.

Platinum Extra Fein is completely dust-free.

Strohfelder® Platinum Extra Fein bedding is heat-treated at 120 °C, making it the safest bedding currently available on the market. Mold, fungus, salmonella, coli bacteria and other risk factors are eliminated from our bedding during the heat treatment.

Heat treatment of Strohfelder® bedding also ensures that its moisture content is less than 8%, meaning more actual product and less water in 1000 kg of litter, compared to other beddings with a moisture content of up to 12% or more.

Strohfelder® Platinum Extra Fein absorbs more than 400% of moisture compared to its own weight.

Because of unique particle structure of Strohfelder® Platinum Extra Fein, not only the absorption but also the evaporation of moisture from bedding is very fast, which ensures that it dries quickly and guarantees a clean and dry surface for your animals.

Strohfelder® PLATINUM

SKU: 24000
€ 400,00Price
  • Strohfelder® Platinum Extra Fein absorbs and eliminates the smell of ammonia, which considerably improves the quality of indoor air, thus increasing the levels of animal comfort and appetite.

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