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Strohfelder® PLATINUM


Straw-based bedding
Strohfelder® BRILLIANT
Wood fibre bedding

Strohfelder® PLATINUM Original is made from 100% pure wheat straw, Strohfelder® BRILLIANT  - from soft and fluffy wood fibres. All Strohfelder® beddings contain neither chemical nor natural additives, such as perfumes, extracts, binding agents or similar. Attention! The aforesaid additives may develop allergic reactions in animals and people! Strohfelder® professional bedding products are virtually dust-free. All dust and smallest particles that do not meet our highest standards of product quality are removed from the bedding during production and packaging stages. Strohfelder® beddings are heat-treated at temperatures reaching 120° C, which makes them one of the safest litters on the market. Also, possible mold, fungus, salmonella, coli bacteria and other risk factors are eliminated from the product during the heat treatment. Furthermore, high-temperature treatment ensures a low level of moisture in our products (~8%), resulting in better performance of Strohfelder® beddings compared to other manufacturers’ beddings with moisture levels exceeding 14 %. Strohfelder® professional bedding absorbs more than 400% of moisture compared to its own weight. Strohfelder® bedding eliminates ammonia and absorbs its odor, providing greatly improved and fresh indoor climate. Strohfelder® bedding is easy and economical to use - you will need significantly less space to store the litter, less working hours to spread it and to keep it clean in the future. Used bedding is an excellent fertilizer for fields, orchards, meadows or as raw material for biogas plants. The highest quality and purity of Strohfelder® products is guaranteed by Austrian precise and continuous product development and deep knowledge of litter industry.

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